"We address environmental and social challenges, and support economic growth."

Our Internal Approach

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

For Selathaar, the journey began in 1954. From the early years, Selathaar endorsed best practices that would make Selathaar a leader. Selathaar’s products and service have always been the benchmark of highest quality.

Selathaar pioneered the adoption of ESG policies, this initiative was recognized by government and international institutions. Even at the times of adversities, Selathaar upheld its principles towards environment, social and governance. This practice earned the trust of all the stakeholders.

These values are strongly embedded in every venture of Selathaar over three generations. Selathaar has carried forward its legacy of values onto this new initiative.

Our Commitment to Responsible Investing

Selathaar strongly believes that long-term success of any business can be achieved, only by effective management of environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns. A successful business build on the foundation of effective ownership and management of these aspects benefits all the stakeholders-employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders. This further has positive spillage in the form of job creation, social upliftment and secured future on extended community.

Triple Bottom Line (TBL) Focus

As a trustee of capital, Selathaar is driven by the commitment to uphold every aspect of investment with highest level of integrity and simultaneously, integrate the ESG factors in the gamut of phases involved in the investment to exit process.

We also understand the significance of tailored portfolio company specific and relevant ESG strategies. We aim to evaluate ESG risks and seek opportunities to create value through sustainability initiatives. During our ownership period, we would support our management teams’ efforts to develop strategic ESG programs, including through collaboration with other portfolio companies.